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Golf Club Review: Pinemeadow Command Factor Irons

Pinemeadow Command Factor Irons

as alternative to the TaylorMade Irons

Review Pinemeadow-Command-Factor-Irons

Manufacturer: Pinemeadow Golf

Model: Pinemeadow Command Factor Irons

Our Review: Pinemeadow Golf from Portland, OR, have recently released an iron set aimed at better players, meaning mid to low handicappers. The heads of these irons are substantially smaller in size compared to other Pinemeadow irons reviewed on this website, while keeping about the same weight. They can be considered being ‘Semi-Pro’ irons, a mix between a blade and a game improvement iron. The sole is thinner compare to other irons, but they still utilize the forgiveness of a cavity back.

Since the Pinemeadow Command Factor Irons have a smaller club head at the same weight as other irons means that the club face is thicker and more rigid than ‘beginners’ irons. This allows the better player to easily shape shots – not quite like a blade but just right for us who don’t (yet) play on TV. Shaping shots means less forgiveness, hence these irons are not recommended as your first set of irons.

The Command Factor Irons have a smaller offset of about 3.3mm (for the 7-iron as example) allowing for a hand position more in line with the shaft and clubhead. This is in contrast to ‘beginner’ irons which have a larger offset (about 6mm or 0.24 inches for the 7-iron), thus placing the hands slightly in front of the shaft and clubhead.

During our test on the golf course the Pinemeadow Command Factor Irons offered great playability. Given the thicker clubface we definitely got better distance, and the ability of shaping a draw or fade is almost like a blade. Off-center hits are not forgiving, so if you are a beginner you will not enjoy these clubs.

In summary, if you are a mid to low handicapper looking for clubs to widen your playing ability (and want to save some money) you should give these irons a try, especially since the Pinemeadow Command Factor Irons cost only US$150 for a full set of 3-PW, inclusive of custom fitting.

Likes: Upgraded technology, great for better players, high quality

Dislikes: Not available in left hand

Link to Product Details: Pinemeadow Command Factor Irons

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