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“Net” Great Deals on Golf Equipment

“Net” Great Deals on Golf Equipment

Consider the Internet for your next Purchase of Clubs

It’s the digital age, folks! The idea that you have to go to the store to buy something has become rather passé. This applies to purchasing golf equipment as well as anything else. Now you can get pretty much anything you need to go golfing by sitting in front of your home computer and surfing to your heart’s delight. If you prefer, you can avoid the golf outlet of pro shop entirely. There are less of them these days anyway, with the proliferation of online shopping. You can always stop in at your local big box sporting good store or pro shop for those extra balls and tees, or to actually hold and get a feel for that new club you saw online.

Research and Comparative Shopping

If you like window shopping, think about window shopping times ten. Browsing online for your golf needs means you can scan at about 10 times the rate you can anywhere else. You can go easily and quickly from one golf equipment website to the next, and you will find hundreds of good websites simply by conducting one or two online searches. You’ll notice that some sites give you better prices than others on the same equipment. Some will offer unique and interesting products that others don’t have, especially with high-tech golf gadgetry. You never need to worry about inventory, because these online stores have a nearly limitless ability to get you what you want.

Once you start searching you will become more educated as to what’s out there and what’s best for you. Soon you are armed with a wealth of knowledge that didn’t take long at all to attain.

What’s more, you can get all the information you need on a manufacturer’s website and all the product information you want on a retail website. It adds up to the most comprehensive shopping experience possible, all at the touch of you hands.

Selection and Customization

There is no single store in the world where you will find the selection of the Internet. Every conceivable item you could possibly want is out there somewhere on the worldwide web, and they can all be at your doorstep faster than you think.

If you want all this equipment custom-made, that’s where the Internet really excels. There is no limit to particular models and you are not restricted to certain fittings. The online world is not bound by standard sizes and flexes like retail outlets are. There are thousands of different combinations of clubs, lengths and flexes. Some reputable online golf merchants have online fitting tools: You answer a few simple questions and before you know it you have your length and flex recommendations. One good (and free!) example is ‘club fitting wizard’ at Pinemeadow Golf. The end result is the perfect custom fitting for you. Basically, whatever you need for whatever size you are is just a few clicks away. Plus, ordering online almost always speeds up the custom building process, saving you days if not weeks. As example, Pinemeadow Golf strives to build your new clubs in just 2 days!

While you’re not limited by what you can buy, you’re also not limited by what you can learn. Your golf swing may require a club that’s longer or shorter with a flex friendly shaft type. Reading the info on our site will help you narrow down what works for you.

But I Can’t Test Any Equipment

It’s true that the online world is a virtual one. The Internet is a wonderful tool for learning and researching and gaining invaluable insight. But it doesn’t put product directly into your hands. That’s why most online retailers have very good return policies, and they’re typically better than those offered by retail outlets. For example Pinemeadow Golf offers a 30 days ‘Play Guarantee’ to return something when you’re not satisfied with it, this is of course on top of the one year warranty. This typically applies even if you have used the equipment already. The most money you’ll lose (if anything) is a small percentage charged to restock the item you’re returning.

Check out warranty information when you order and look for a standard manufacturer’s warranty. Also, don’t hesitate to call or e-mail the company for information. Every website has a contact section and it’s usually located at the bottom of the site.

Most doubts or concerns about Internet shopping come from a lack of experience with it. It’s actually a much easier and more convenient way to shop. While stores offer a limited array of services and products, the Internet stops at practically nothing to inform and enlighten you. Consider the endless amount of information the ‘Net offers, the no risk guarantees and free shipping. There are also forums where you can share information with other online shoppers. What’s more, you can gain invaluable feedback either from these forums or from consumer websites. Don’t forget, you did all this by simply sitting in front of your computer.

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