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Golf Club Review: Turbo Power Action Irons

Turbo Power Action Irons

Callaway® Fusion Irons

Turbo Power Action Irons

Manufacturer: GigaGolf

Model: Turbo Power Action Irons (clubs no longer available)

Compares to: Callaway© Fusion Irons

Manufacturer’s Description Details: Two piece iron design that moves weight back and away from the point of impact with a cavity plate. Hollow cavity design gives the irons added playability found in utility clubs and fairway woods.

Made from 431 stainless steel that will last a life time.

Our Review: The two-piece casted construction has an internal cavity weighting system which makes it easy to hit straight & solid shots. The irons provide a low center of gravity that enables you to hit with the proper trajectory and thus allows for ease of play. The clubs have a great feel to them.

Likes: This is a great iron for mid-high handicap golfers.

Dislikes: Seems a bit difficult to curve some shots (but produces great straight shots)

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