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Golf Club Review: Pinemeadow Golf ZR1 Driver

Pinemeadow Golf ZR1 Driver

as alternative to the Ping® G10 Driver

Pinemeadow Golf ZR1 Driver as alternative to the Ping G10 Driver

Manufacturer: Pinemeadow Golf

Model: Pinemeadow Golf ZR1 Driver

Compares to: Ping® G10 Driver

Our Review: Pinemeadow Golf just released their new ZR1 driver, built after the popular Ping G10 driver. The new model replaces the highly successful earlier model which was comparable to the equally successful Ping G5. The new ZR1 driver introduces some noteworthy improvements and a striking new design. It also includes the highly welcomed addition of a 12 degree club head, something that was missing from the earlier model which only came as a 10.5 degree driver. The new 12 degree head is especially well suited for new and average players, and those who tend to slice or hook the ball (more on this below).

The club boasts the maximum USGA allowed head volume of 460 cc which, together with a massive club face of 11″ bulge (= distance from left to right edge of club face) and 9″ roll (= total height of club face) instil great confidence at address. One of our high handicap testers put it like this: “This thing is so big, there is no way in the world I’m gonna miss this shot…”.

As an improvement to its predecessor the large beta titanium head features an insert at the bottom of the sole that lowers the center of gravity, thus making it easier to swing the club more consistently. We also felt that the club face is deeper than on the earlier model which seems to reduce unwanted side spin of the golf ball on miss-hits, a common cause for a slice or hook. However, the deeper face also cause the ball to get less airborne, so the introduction of a 12 degree head is very timely and well appreciated. These new features make this club a perfect choice for high to mid handicappers, especially those looking for greater consistency in their shots.

The new design reminds of Formula 1 or Nascar racing rather than that of a traditional golf club. ‘Purists’ may disagree, but we like the more colourful designs that are now entering the market. The new ZR1 line from Pinemeadow Golf if a good example of high-tech clubs that brighten up your golf bag with their bright, shiny colors.

The Pinemeadow ZR1 Driver comes with the exclusive Pinemeadow Limited Graphite shaft and costs only $99, inclusive of custom fitting. This is great value for money, especially if you compare it to the price of the Ping G10 at $299 (with their flimsy stock shaft and without custom fitting!).

Likes: Upgraded technology covered in a nice, colourful design

Dislikes: Comes in right hand only

Link to Product Details:
Pinemeadow Golf ZR1 Driver

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