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Golf Club Review: Pinemeadow Golf Z-ON 9 Putter

Pinemeadow Golf Z-ON 9 Putter

as alternative to the Ping® G5i

Pinemeadow Golf Z-ON 9 Putter

Manufacturer: Pinemeadow Golf

Z-ON 9 Putter (also called Xeon 9)

Compares to: Ping® G5i

Manufacturer’s Description Details: You have the best of both worlds in putter technology! The Pinemeadow Z-ON 9 (also called Xeon 9) is the most sleek Anser style putter with comparable features of a mallet design. Two thru holes in the sole increase MOI* a feature you find in most mallet putter designs today. The tri-line alignment with a curve shaped top rail is the size of a golf ball providing a nice visual aid for your aim. Black polymer insert provides you with a soft buttery feel at impact. You’ll be impressed with the features of this putter. *MOI is the term applied to a clubhead’s resistance to twist at impact. Increased MOI on a putter will result in straighter putts. If a putt is a little off center the spin will be reduced creating a better chance your shot will stay align to your target.

Our Review: Putters are all about ‘feel’, and the Z-ON 9 Putter has indeed a very nice feel to it. It has an insert that surrounds a hard urethane middle with a softer perimeter which is probably responsible for the better feel.

The design also is quite unique as it has two thru-holes and sole cavities to redistribute the weight and improve the moment of inertia (resistance to twisting). The alignment system on the top rail includes a piece of metal that curves outward toward the ball. This crescent is supposedly helping you subconsciously, I don’t know about that. In any case it works surprisingly well with the three ‘lines’ to help with alignment.

Likes: Innovative alignment system on a traditional Anser-style putter.

Dislikes: Right hand only.

Link to Product Details:
Z-ON 9 Putter

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