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Golf Club Review: Pinemeadow Golf Yukon Anti-Slice Driver

Pinemeadow Golf Yukon Anti-Slice Driver

Proprietary ‘Anti-Slice’ Technology

Pinemeadow Golf Yukon Anti-Slice Driver

Manufacturer: Pinemeadow Golf

Model: Pinemeadow Golf Yukon Anti-Slice Driver

Compares to: Not a clone per se but an Anti-Slice Technology solution by Pinemeadow

Manufacturer’s Description Details: You’re probably asking yourself what exactly is this “Anti-Slice Technology” we are referring to. Well, it is a technology that has existed for years but is becoming more and more popular for recreational, new and longtime golfers. The Yukon driver features a increased offset in the clubface. The leading edge of the face to the front of the hosel is 5mm offset. This allows you a little more time to square the face at impact allowing you hit the ball straighter and longer.

Our Review: The main reason for a fade or slice is that the clubface is open upon impact, not square to the target line as it should be. There are several reasons for that, most of which will have to do with your swing. When compared to a ‘normal’ driver, an offset driver allows for a split second more time before the club hits the ball. This extra time helps to turn your wrists (= close the clubface) a bit more, thereby promoting a squarer impact and thus reducing or even eliminating the slice or fade.

When tested on the driving range the club behaved as promised: players with a chronic slice saw a marked improvement, while straight hitters were actually able to induce a draw and gain some extra yards. The club is no miracle solution for extreme slicers, but hitting a fade down your own fairway is still better than hitting a slice down the neighbouring fairway. If you are notorious slicer you should consider choosing a slightly shorter (minus half an inch or even minus one inch) shaft when you order the Pinemeadow Golf Yukon Anti-Slice Driver, this will result in less flex which also helps to close the club face upon impact [NOTE: Some people say that slicers should even go for a stiff shaft but we do not recommend this as it costs you substantial distance]. In addition stay with a standard size grip and don’t go for jumbo grips as the bigger grips will inhibit proper rotation of your wrists. Finally, as a slicer you should go for the 12 degree version of this club: the higher loft imparts a better vertical spin on the ball that in turn counters the side spin which causes the ball to curve right (for RH players).

Likes: Works well as promised, and is even USGA approved for tournament play!

Dislikes: Nothing, the club is now also available for lefties.

Link to Product Details:
Pinemeadow Golf Yukon Anti-Slice Driver

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