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Golf Club Review: Pinemeadow Golf Command W7G Irons

Pinemeadow Command W7G Irons

as alternative to the Cobra Baffter XL Irons

Review Pinemeadow Command W7G Irons

Manufacturer: Pinemeadow Golf

Model: Pinemeadow Command W7G Irons

Our Review: When we unpacked Pinemeadow Golf’s new Pinemeadow Command W7G Irons we first thought they forgot to pack the 3 and 4 irons, but it turns out that the sets starts at the 5-iron. There is a reason for it: this iron set is meant to be a game improvement irons set aimed at beginners and golfers who don’t play that often. This group of golfers is highly encouraged to omit the 3 and 4 irons and replace them with suitable hybrid clubs in order to make their game easier.

Another thing you will notice immediately on the Pinemeadow Command W7G Irons is the unusual weight slab at the back. It turns out that this balances the weight of the club head towards the center, and lowers the overall center of gravity. Combined this results in squarer impact (= straighter shots), while the lower center of gravity makes it a lot easier to get the ball airborne on a nice, high trajectory.

Most of the weight is at the sole of the clubs with the remainder put around the perimeter of the club head. This leaves a very thin club face which results in a great “trampoline effect”. This will give you nice long shots that, and even of not so good hits you get a reasonably straight ball flight. In short: never mind the off look, it really works (and that’s what counts for me…)!

During our test on the golf course the Pinemeadow Command W7G Irons offered great playability, in particular for our high-handicap players. Given the thin clubface and strong perimeter weighting they definitely got better (and straighter) distance. Since these clubs are designed for straight shots you have limited ability of shaping a draw or fade for better players, but beginners and occasional players should not worry about that — long and straight are key! Off-center hits are forgiving, so if you are a beginner you will enjoy these clubs.

In summary, if you are a high handicapper or only play once or twice a month (and want to save some money) you should give these irons a closer look, especially since the Pinemeadow Command W7G Irons cost only US$140 for a set of 5-PW, inclusive of custom fitting. Unless you already have some 3 and 4 hybrids you should get the matching Command W7G Hybrids to complete this iron set.

Likes: Very forgiving, great for beginners and occasional players, high quality

Dislikes: Not available in left hand

Link to Product Details: Pinemeadow Command W7G Irons

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