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Golf Club Review: Pinemeadow Excel Ti Driver and Ti Woods

Pinemeadow Excel Ti Driver and Ti Woods

as alternative to the Callaway® Great Big Bertha II


Model: Excel Ti Driver and Ti Woods

Compares to: Callaway® Great Big Bertha II

Manufacturer’s Description Details:The Excel Titanium driver by Pinemeadow Golf has become one of the most popular drivers we carry. The club was designed with features to suit the needs for golfers of all different skill levels making it easier to improve distance and still maintain control. The ultra forgiving design and slick appearance make the Excel highly sought after. With the thin face Beta Titanium design and classic shape this club also offers the distance needed to stay competitive at all levels. It also employs a rear weight chip to increase the moment of inertia (MOI) to help you square the clubface at impact. For players looking for maximum forgiveness without having to sacrifice distance these are the perfect woods for you!

Our Review: The Pinemeadow Golf Excel Ti Driver has a 400cc head (well, 395cc to be exact), which is a nice change from the nowadays more common oversized 460cc heads. It is easy to swing and seems to be a great club for the average golfer (80s to 90s range).

The club was built after the ever-so-popular Great Big Bertha II and clearly does it justice. The Adila Graphite shaft complements the club well, and the combination has a positive effect on a slice and might help golfers with this problem. The weighting feels neutral, and despite not being oversized the club is surprisingly forgiving when hit off center (= high Moment of Inertia or MOI). The thin Beta-Ti face gives a bit of a ‘trampoline’ effect which results in good distance.

Likes: Nice and easy to hit club, definitely deserves it’s popularity.

Dislikes: Left hand choice very limited.

Link to Product Details:
Excel Ti Driver and Ti Woods

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