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Golf Club Review: Pinemeadow Command BK Irons

Pinemeadow Command BK Irons

as alternative to the TaylorMade® r7 Irons

Golf Club Review: Pinemeadow Command BK Irons

Manufacturer: Pinemeadow Golf

Pinemeadow Command BK Irons

Compares to: TaylorMade® r7 Irons

Manufacturer’s Description Details: Everyone at Pinemeadow HQ agrees the Command BK irons are a must have. Ever since the Command series was created they’ve been highly regarded as an ultra-forgiving line suitable for golfers of all skill levels. The Command BK design is no different.

A flush feel at impact satisfies your needs. And the design goal was to create a deep cavity and fine top line that pushes the weight to the perimeter of the club-face generating a bigger sweet spot. Whether you are hitting the ball square or a little off-center, an ideal ball flight and longer carry is the end result of every shot.

Our exclusive finish creates a sleek, black surface giving you a smooth, full-bodied appearance every time you grab the club. Over time the finish on the bottom of the club will wear into a retro grey oil can look very similar to recent black finished wedges.

Compare features and performance to TaylorMade® r7 Irons at $899.00

Our Review: To be honest this was the first time I played irons that were black rather than matt or polished steel, so it took a moment to get used to it. The shining black color gives the irons a unique look, very elegant and sophisticated. The black color, although glossy, gives less glare than a polished steel clubhead in bright sunlight. A small drawback of the black color is that the number on the clubhead is a bit difficult to see, so you have to look closely before you pull one out of your bag. [NOTE: according to a Pinemeadow spokes person the number is now filled with white paint to make it easily readable, so this should be no more an issue]

The clubs are very playable and are, as most Pinemeadow irons, very forgiving. These irons sport a large cavity in the rear, which increases the sweetspot. They also aggregate most of the weight at the bottom of the clubhead (sole) by making the top line very fine and by adding an extra weight (see the ‘BK’ insert) from the back of the sole behind the cavity, which lowers the overall center of gravity. This small extra weight that sort of ‘floats’ behind the cavity also reduces vibrations, giving this club a rather smooth feel.

These clubs are perfect for double digit handicappers who are able to hit the ball hard but sometimes lack accuracy in finding the sweet spot. The Pinemeadow Command BK Irons, given their low center of gravity and large sweet spot, encourage fast swings by providing excellent forgiveness due to their design.
According to Pinemeadow this is one of their best selling iron sets, and at $179 for 3 to PW (inclusive of the premium ‘Apollo lite’ steel shaft!) they deliver excellent playability and value.

Likes: Can be hit hard and fast, no need to hold back in fear of off-center hits.

Dislikes: Numbers on the club are a bit difficult to read [NOTE: this seems to have been solved, see above].

Link to Product Details: Pinemeadow Command BK Irons

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