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Golf Club Review: Pinemeadow Classic Grind Wedge

Pinemeadow Golf Classic Grind Wedge

as alternative to the Cleveland® CG10 Wedges

Classic Grind Wedge

Manufacturer: Pinemeadow Golf

Model: Classic Grind Wedge

Compares to: Cleveland® CG10 Wedges

Manufacturer’s Description Details: Improve your short game with a wedge that offers you control, touch and a classic sleek design. The wedge has a unique beveled sole combined with proven shape and bounce design to provide accurate play from any lie. Let the Classic Grind Wedge build confidence in your short game resulting in fewer wasted strokes around the green and lower scores.

Our Review: While these wedges are modeled after the Cleveland® CG10 Wedges they are actually made of stainless steel as compared to ‘Carbon Metal Matrix’, a proprietary material developed by Cleveland®.

We tested the whole set of four Classic Grind Wedges on the course and simulated various tough lies (like in the rough, in the sand and so on) requiring good shot control with high loft.

All four wedges are very smooth and provide great spin and good ball control. We particularly like the Sand Wedge (SW): it cuts thru the sand like thru butter, a very smooth feel – a great club.

We did however have a slight problem with the Approach Wedge (AW). It seemed that the rounded edge (= beveled sole), together with the higher loft, caused the occasional sculled shot. It may be more beneficial if the edge were a bit sharper, but as is a beginner may be better off with more bladed wedge like the Tour Leader Wedge for the Approach Wedge.

There is no problem at all with the other three wedges, they are great to play with. The clubs look great, and of course workmanship on all wedges was great as we would expect from Pinemeadow. This is a good and very playable set of complementing wedges, so if you’re looking to buy some new wedges make sure you give these a closer look – especially the sand wedge.

Likes: The Classic Grind Wedge are a good choice for the beginner to average player, maybe with the exception of the AW. They are smooth and provide excellent feedback. At under $50 they provide great value for money compared to the Cleveland® wedges at $125!

Dislikes: Only comes as a right hand club. AW design caused some sculled shots.

Link to Product Details: Classic Grind Wedge

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