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Golf Club Review: Pinemeadow bloc 455cc Driver

Pinemeadow bloc 455cc Driver

as alternative to the Callaway® FT-i Driver

Golf Club Review: Tour Series BLOC 455cc Driver

Manufacturer: Pinemeadow Golf

Pinemeadow bloc 455cc Driver

Compares to: other square drivers, i.e. the Callaway® FT-i Driver

Manufacturer’s Description Details: Innovative square (BLOC) design promotes straighter drives and maximum distance. By shifting the weight of the driver to the back edge of the club head, MOI is increased resulting in unprecedented power off the tee. The BLOC Driver is like no club we’ve ever designed. We’re eager to introduce you to the smooth plains and mirror polish of this stylish new creation. Expect to be surprised by this driver!

Compare features, performance and price to other square drivers in the market at $499.

Our Review: The large, square shape of the clubhead is something one has to get used to, but that doesn’t take long once you’ve hit the club. We took it to the range and also played 18 holes with it. For some of us it markedly increased distance, for a few it didn’t. However, it substantially increased the accuracy of everyone’s shots. The design of this driver is such that it increases the sweet spot to almost the whole club face, and decreases the twisting of the clubhead when one hits the ball off center (i.e. with the toe of the clubhead). Both these features make this club extremely forgiving and the driver of choice for beginners and average players.

The finishing is in high gloss coating and mirror finish, very nice to look at. When you look down at it at address it looks so huge that it boosts confidence: “…there is no way I can miss that ball…”.

This club also attracts attention not only because of its good looks but also because of the sound it makes at impact. The ‘bang’ is like a small explosion, but that’s normal for all square drivers – just be prepared when you hit it for the first time!

Likes: Remarkably accurate even with off center hits (hence a great club for beginners and average players); beautiful design.

Dislikes: You need to get used to the sound upon impact.

Link to Product Details: Pinemeadow bloc Driver

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