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Golf Club Review: GigaGolf Power Max GX922 Irons

GigaGolf Power Max GX922 Irons

as alternative to the Callaway® X-22 Irons

Golf Club Review: Power Max GX922 Irons

Manufacturer: GigaGolf

Model: GigaGolf Power Max GX922 Irons

Compares to: Callaway® X-22 Irons

Our Review: GigaGolfs’ new PowerMax GX922 iron series is the 2009 refinement over the higely popular GX920 series from a year earlier. They are designed to be an alternative to the 2009 Callaway X-22 irons, albeit for just a fraction of the price. Like an evolutionary step over their predecessors, the first thing one notices when looking at the Powermax GX922 is the newly designed notched cavity back. The improved cavity provides greater stability, greater forgiveness and an increased MOI resulting in longer and straighter golf shots even when the ball connects off-center.

Last years GX920 were particularly popular with beginner and intermediate golfers, and the new PowerMax GX922 Irons is again built for this target group. The sole of the irons are somewhat wider than standard (see pic on the right), which allows for great ball contact from higher grass and rough, an area we ‘average’ players tend to have to work from quite often during a round. Basically, the large sole ‘mows’ thru the grass in a way a small one would not be able to. This design is the result of relocating as much metal from the center of the club towards the outer rim, commonly called ‘perimeter weighting’. The resulting thin face of the clubhead has the advantage that the sweet spot is increased, so if you hit the ball off-center you will still get a decent ball flight. Drawback of this design is that is becomes a bit more difficult to shape shots, i.e. play a defined draw or fade. Having said that, for beginner golfers this is not really an issue, and the game improvement characteristics of the GX922 are perfect for this group of players. For intermediate golfers the combination of forgiveness and playability presents a great compromise.

Worth a mention: if you a total beginner than the Power Max GX922z (note the ‘z’ at the end) may be better for you. They have a 10 percent bigger (oversized) clubhead and are even more perimeter weighted for greater forgiveness.

Golf Club Review: Power Max GX922 Irons

Like their predecessors, the Gigagolf GX 922 Irons are great lookers. They are built from 17-4 stainless steel with a polished chrome finish. Lofts and lies are pretty much standard for this kind of game improvement irons, i.e. the 7 iron has a 35 degrees loft and a 62 degree lie. The iron range is available from the 3 iron all the way to the 60 degree lob wedge, and all irons can be purchased individually. If you have trouble with longer irons you may want to omit the 3 and 4 irons and replace them with suitable hybrids like the #3 and #4 TRX Hybrid.

Likes: Great product from Gigagolf, targeted at beginner and intermediate golfers. Price for the standard iron set of 3 to PW is US$169.59 and includes custom fitting, play guarantee and free shipping within the continental US. Compare this with US$800 for the Callaway X-22, of course without custom fitting, and you know you are getting a good deal.

Dislikes: Nothing to dislike, even comes as a left hand club.

Link to Product Details: PowerMax GX922 Irons

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