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Golf Club Review: GigaGolf GXz Ti Driver

GigaGolf GXz Ti Driver

as alternative to the Cobra® S3 driver

Golf Club Review: GigaGolf GXz Ti Driver

Manufacturer: GigaGolf

Model: GigaGolf GXz Ti Driver

Compares to: Cobra® S3 driver

Our Review:The GigaGolf GXz Ti Driver has just been released for the 2011 season and is touted by GigaGolf as “next step in our pursuit of the perfect forged driver”. GigaGolf has kindly sent us the GXz Ti, with the upgraded Sensatec Grease S2 grip (in matching red) and the upgraded Pursuit Golf Technology M2T shaft (made by Grafalloy). Here are our thoughts:

How it works:
Taking it out of the box this driver looks great and is, like all GigaGolf products we have tested, very well put together. On closer view it looks a bit unusual with its two elongated indentations on the crown of the clubhead as well as two ‘Aero Foil Channels’ on the bottom. The purpose of these indentations/channels is to stabilize the clubhead on impact with the golf ball. The term ‘Moment of Inertia’ or MOI refers to the resistance to twisting of the clubhead upon impact, meaning the amount of warp that the clubhead suffers when making contact with a golf ball at full speed. This twisting or warp works against the golfer, and the more stable the clubhead is the straighter the ball will fly. The indentations on the crown and channels at the sole help to stabilize the structural geometry of the clubhead, which in turn raises its resistance against twisting (= higher MOI). The higher the MOI the straighter the ball will fly, in particular when hit closer to the toe side of the clubface.

In their quest of increasing the MOI GigaGolf has also designed a forged clubface in a way that it extends into the front part of the sole. This is in contrast to most other drivers that have their clubface welded flat onto the ‘cup’ of the rest of the body. This extension, due to its curvature and the ~90° angle to the actual club face provide immense extra stability.

GigaGolf GXz Ti Driver

Let’s go and play…

In our field test the driver performed exceptionally well, especially when the ball made contact towards the heel side of the face. It was a lot more forgiving compared to drivers that follow a more conventional construction, which implied to us that the stability details that GigaGolf put into the design of the GXz Ti Driver work indeed very well. This is of great benefit to golfers of high to mid handicap who have trouble to always hit the center of the sweet spot.

A side effect of the forged and more rigid club face (due to the ‘fold’ into the sole and its curvature) is that there is less loss of power transfer when making contact with the ball due to less deformation of the clubface upon impact, which results in longer ball flights.

GigaGolf GXz Ti Driver


Our verdict

To sum it up, the GigaGolf GXz Ti Driver with its innovative forged club face, together with the stability enhancing design of crown and sole, will provide high to mid handicappers with longer and more accurate ball flights compared to older designs. Take a closer look at your current driver and compare it to what I explained above. Then think about upgrading to 2011 technology for a longer and straighter drive at a budget price.

Likes: Great distance and control, good looks

Dislikes: Not available for Lefties

Link to Product Details: GigaGolf GXz Ti Driver

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