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Why Golf Club Fitting is Good for You

Golf Club Fitting – should you get Fitted?

Read about the benefits of proper club fitting

Golfers come in all different shapes and sizes and there are clubs to suit every imaginable body type. However, not all these clubs are available ‘off-the-rack.’ That’s why there is custom-fitting.

Custom-fitting, as the name suggests, is the building of individual golf clubs that are designed specific to your size, shape and swing. You begin by finding a golf pro, teacher or independent club-maker.

This person watches carefully as you hit with different clubs with a variety of specs: flex, weight, length, lie, grip size, etc. Your performance determines which specs will help you get the best, most consistent shot. Once the specs are determined, you can get on with having clubs custom-made for your body type.

Custom-fitting is hardly a trend. It actually dates back to craftsmen of over 100 years ago who used their hands to design each hickory shaft and head according to very specific weights and sizes.


There are certain advantages to custom-fitting, but it alone won’t perfect your golf game.

Custom-fitting is specific enough these days to deliver to you a club set that’s almost perfectly matched to your body. However it’s not a perfect practice and some custom sets have a bad fit. Some golfers may be better off with a standard set. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to go for a fitting. Someone will look at your swing and you might even learn a thing or two about how clubs work.

There is also no hard rule about who may need to be custom-fit. There is some consensus among people who are in the golf industry but have no stake in a custom-fitting business that roughly 20 per cent of people would really benefit.

Remember that custom-fitting alone isn’t going to lower your golf score. There is no substitute for hard work and plenty of practice. That being said, because custom-fitting is fairly specific these days there’s bound to be some improvement to your game once you get comfortable with the new clubs.

Many serious golfers get custom-fit regardless of other factors, because they want a special set of clubs geared perfectly to them.


Companies such as Hogan, Karsten, ram and Titleist offer both custom and off-the-rack clubs. Since they are big brands they don’t charge extra for fitting. You will likely have to pay for a pro’s time, though some offer a free fit as a special service to members. Check before you go to get fit.

The Right Fit?

Succinctly put, there is no one right fit for you. Fitting is a combination of art and science and depending on who you are fitted by and what set of specs they use, they can arrive at a different set of recommendations.

What’s more, the clubs that you are tested with will differ at least slightly from one testing facility to another. The clubs may have the same weight but the weight distribution can vary throughout the club.

You should also consider checking out different companies before deciding which to buy a custom-fitted set from. Some companies offer only one club head, meaning you have no choice if you don’t like how it looks and feels

What about online fitting?

As long as you are not (yet!) a PGA Pro chances are that online fitting will serve you well enough to get a good fit. Getting custom fitted online is easy and painless with web-based fitting tools like the ‘club fitting wizard’ at Pinemeadow Golf. This tool is free, you can just try it out. It helps to have a partner who assists with some of the measurements required, like your full hight and your wrist hight from the ground.

The info you get from online fitting is sufficient to also buy your clubs online, and you don’t have to spend time going to the mall – you can rather go golfing…

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