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How to buy Golf Clubs Online

Buying Golf Clubs Online

And what to look out for…

Buying golf equipment used to be pretty straightforward, but the Internet has changed everything. Previously, golfers bought their equipment from local retailers. Pro-shops, sporting goods stores, and golf warehouses – all existed to serve local players. Sometimes you could buy direct from the manufacturer. But now everything´s changed. Thanks to the Internet, more and more golfers are buying equipment online. And the trend is growing.

Research and Comparison Shopping

The Internet is ideal for savvy consumers. Comparison shopping with local retailers takes time and effort. You have to find local stores that carry what you want and compare makes, models, and prices. What’s more, local retailers don’t always offer the widest assortment of equipment, however. Space limits their inventory. So your choices are often limited.

But online shopping lets you comparison shop quickly and easily. You can find the best products and the best prices with just a mouse’s click. Equipment Web sites have an almost limitless inventory, depending on how many brands they want to carry. You can find exactly what you want without leaving the comfort of your home. Online shopping even makes it easy to buy direct from the manufacturer.
You can even have your clubs online custom fitted by reputable vendors, details can be obtained HERE. In short, online shopping favors consumers.

Selection is Key

Selection is where the Internet really excels. It enables you to find the best selections on the latest equipment and have it customized. Clubs are often made for the average player. They come in standard lengths and flexes. But you may need a longer or shorter club or one with more or less flex. Online retailers provide hundreds of makes, models, lengths, flexes, and so on. You can choose a product tailored to your exact needs quickly and easily. Diversity of selection on the Internet is virtually unlimited. Having said that, it is important to know that the same shaft manufacturer sells different grades/qualities of any given shaft model. A good article that highlights this can be found HERE.

Retailers, on the other hand, offer a limited selection. Given this limitation, they may offer two or three brands and/or models built to standard length and flex. And that’s it. If you want something else, they’ll special order it, but it may cost you more. And it will take time. Buying locally also limits your choice of equipment options. Many retailers don’t offer customization.

Check the Return Policy

Most online retailers offer excellent return policies. They let you buy equipment and return it hassle-free within 30 days. Many also accept a return even after you’ve used the equipment. Of course, some online retailers only take new items and some charge a percentage to re-stock, but it varies from merchant to merchant. Be clear about the return policy before buying the equipment. Also, make sure everything you buy carries a standard manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty information is available on most sites. If you are confused, you can always call or e-mail them for further clarification.

Finding the Best Deals

Finding the best deals on equipment is important. The Internet helps you find the deals that fit your needs. You would think that buying golf equipment would be easier at a local retailer. But with all of the information offered online, no risk guarantees, free shipping, golf forums, feedback from others, and helpful customer service, buying equipment online can actually be easier than buying it locally. Based on my own experience I strongly suggest that you take a look at the selections at discount golf club manufacturers like Pinemeadow Golf, arguably the best discount club merchant on the web. There you can get a complete golf sets from some US$150, including custom fitting. The quality of their clubs is comparable to well known brands, but their prices are way more ‘realistic’.

Have fun buying equipment online. Enjoy your experience!

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